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Best Project Management Softwares

Project management software makes your work easy when it comes to planning projects, assigning tasks, and organizing work in order to meet deadlines and achieve goals. Choosing the right project management tool is quite difficult as the market competition is tough. However, we can help you with some of the best project management software for your businesses which are given right below.

Top Project Management Tools

Have a look at some of the top project management tools right below:


If you are dealing with multiple projects and finding it difficult to handle them at a time, you can try out GanttPro. It includes Gantt charts that let you know how all tasks contribute to the end results in a particular project. It is one of the best project management software in the market for small businesses that offer basic budget tracking. However, you cannot generate invoices or reports using this tool. Overall, it is very easy to learn with a good design available at competitive prices.


Project management tool Monday is also one of the best project management tools that render scalability, versatility, impressive feature set, and affordable price tag. Interestingly, this tool is loaded with timeline views, collaboration features, time tracking features, calendar views, and a lot of integrations. In fact, it is flexible and versatile enough to work efficiently. Apart from these, as a disadvantage, this software offers slow support, feature limitations for certain plans, and limited task reliability. But then too, you can prefer it for businesses of all sizes for fulfilling the project management requirements.


Teamwork is another stunning project management software that facilitates handling projects with their milestones. This software also features invoicing and billing which is perfect for groups that mainly manage client work. It even allows you to keep an eye on the workload and time of the people, send bills to clients for billing work, know when deadlines are at risk of missing, and so on. They usually come with a simple design but great customization options. One of the drawbacks of this tool is that it does not include image markup tools or PDF.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is one of the affordable options for your project management. Moreover, it comes with a huge range of features like resources management reports, time tracking, and tracking monthly expensive projects. Even though it does not include billing or invoicing tools, you can connect with other applications that give you the option of billing. In fact, it is very easy to navigate and set up but it does not have premade templates as a drawback. However, you can definitely enjoy strong time-tracking tools in this software.


ClickUp is a free project management software that allows you to access unlimited tasks, users, and multiple products features free of cost. In fact, there are no limits to the options of task management as well as features in this tool. Also, it provides you with other interesting features like workload management, customized views, dashboards, reminders, priorities, and more.

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